The Miracle Of The Sun & “Freemasonry”

Portugal, on the Peninsula of Iberia, on which Spain also rests, was in the throes of being ruled by a Dictatorship, comprised of Continental Freemasonry of The Grand Orient. Masonry’s Arch Enemy is One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. Freemasonry is Pantheistic, whereas One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, worships God In Three Persons, Pater, […]

15th Sunday After Pentecost & 24th Sunday In Ordinary Time(Novus Ordo) 

Note: According to an “Onion Type” Site called “Eye Of The Tiber” or “EOTT”, The 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time is highlighted, with Fr(Now Bishop) Robert Barron’s new Video Series called “Ordinary.” One commentator remarked “On This Day, Nothing Happened.” By The Conciliar Version of The Roman Latin Church, in Vatican II Document, Sacrosantum Concillium, […]