Nazis Are NOT “Right Wingers”, Not Even Close

They’re SOCIALISTS. Socialists believe that the Workers, through their Government, own the means of Production.  Nazis are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. Socialists are NOT into private ownership of enterprises. National Socialists are Nationalistic, like “For The Fatherland.” International Socialists are what we call Communists, who tend toward a Worldwide View of Absolute Power. But, both are Fascists, […]

CBC News “The National” Copycats?

Canada’s SOB(State Owned Broadcaster) called CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or as Mark J. Steyn likes to refer to it as the Canadian Broadcorping Castration), well they have. a “New”news format. Where have I seen this before? CBC News Flagship News Programme called “The National”, which was hosted by Peter Mansbridge for almost 30 Years, is live […]

Acts Of Treason For Profit

WHY would a Presidential Administration in the USA, sell Strategic Equipment to TWO Mortal Enemies of The United States of America? These are actions of Treachery & Treason. Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed by the US Government at NY’s Sing Sing Prison in the Electric Chair for selling Atomic Bomb Secrets to the USSR […]