The Death Of Msgr Funaro & The Haywire Mobile Phone At 0900 On Thursday, 08/14/2013

Things started off at the 0800 AM Mass on Wednesday Morning of August 14th, 2013, when Fr Frank Passenant, made this Prayer Request of Grave Importance as The Pastor Emeritus of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro, lay Dying from Kidney Failure in Hospital:

“St. Joseph, Patron Saint of The Dying, Pray for Us”;

What I do remember was walking “My Most Dear Friend” to her Doctor across Queens Blvd. An email was sent to Nationally Known Deacon Greg Kandra, whose Parish Church is Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Church on Ascan Avenue & Queens Blvd. Deacon Greg Kandra relayed back that Msgr Joe Funaro was in a Bad Way, in short, most seriously ill. He was given the Last Sacraments including Holy Communion as Viaticum(Food For The Journey Home).

At 0900 AM, the Mobile Phone went “Haywire”, when new software was added. I went over to Radio Shack to see what was up with the phone. On the way over, both a “Hail Mary” & a Prayer to St. Joseph were offered.

Nineteen Years Earlier, Mom passed on at 6:00PM on Sunday, 08/14/1994. I also offered Prayers for Mom’s Memorry. 

About 1045AM, I received a Text Message from My Most Dear Friend. She informed me that Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro had died at 0900AM, EDT. It was then that my mobile phone went haywire.

It was the Chaplain of Msgr Sherman Council, Fr John J. Fullum, Then Pastor of Sacred Heart East Glendale, just across Woodhaven Blvd from Forest Hills, who spoke of “Divine Signs”, that is, God Speaking that Something has occurred. When Mom passed on about 6PM, I was at Yonkers Raceway because of an Archdiocese of New York Special Event. An Explosive Thunderstorm occurred then. It was when I arrived home that Dad told me of Mom’s Death. Strange, but 19 Years Later, The Divine Sign was a Mobile Phone going through a Software Upgrade.

God was in charge then, Just As He Is Now & He Is Always.

Kyrie Elaison!

Deo Gratias!



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