While Starbucks Kew Gardens Is Closed, I Am Currently In East Glendale

East Glendale, Queens, Home to Msgr Sherman Council of The Knights of Columbus #5103, has STARBUCKS? What? Surely, I’m Jesting.

Well, no I am not kidding. I decided to head over to a neighborhood, not noted for Frappucine & Green Tea. This is a neighborhood probably noted for chanting “Green Tea SUCKS.” It is an area where guys sound like they’re originally from Bushwick or Cypresss Hills By The Fulton & Crescent Street Turn on the BMT Jamaica Elevated Line. In short, they talk loudly. 

I don’t think that various of my Brethren Past Grand Knights would sip anything in Starbucks. They tend to head to McDonald’s on Myrtle Avenue or Wendy’s at Metropolitan Avenue & Woodhaven Blvd or a local coffee shop or the Glendale Diner. Most Likely to them, Green Tea Would taste awful. Or they would have Coffee at Home. Hey, this IS East Glendale, NOT Forest Hills.

Surprising to me is just how LIVELY that Starbucks In East Glendale is. It Isn’t quiet like a Library. The Music is Lively. 

And after a Doctor’s Appointment, I may return to East Glendale’s Starbucks. And WHY NOT! What Good is a Kaffehaus if it isn’t bustling.

I think that Iced Green Tea will taste quite good right now, even in East Glendale.



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