The Remnant Newspaper – Pope Sides With Chinese Communists, Against Chinese Catholics?(With My Comments)

Chairman Vor Zetex will say “Nothing To See or Hear, Here”, and be seconded by Ms Denial. Chairman Vor also has Minister of Censorship, Known simply as Simon.

However, the above crew are at “The Warehouse In Detroit”, and are as Welcome here as NY Mets Ownership(NOT).

It is no wonder that Michael Savage often refers to Pope Francis I as “The Marxist Pope”. Giving the Approval of naming Bishops to the Government of The People’s Republic Of China, a Corporation of Atheists, is a SATANIC Move. It is, so to speak, a Christophobic Move. Papa Bergoglio thinks this is His Church. Trust Me, The Catholic Church is Christ’s Church. It is The Bride of Christ. And Papam Bergoglio would be abandoning The Bride to Christophobic ATHEISTIC Oligarchs.

Remember The Bride Of Christ In Daily Prayer.

And if The Remnant Newspaper still has The Petition to Pope Francis I, Do NOT Hesitate To Sign It. 

Who Cares WHAT “The Warehouse In Detroit” Thinks!

Kyrie Elaison!



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