The “Bore-Tex” 

Once Again, Gary Michael Voris raves on about the US Bishops.

In short, Voris is in RERUNS, under his program “The Vortex.”

Why do I call it RERUNS? Because he has this same Schtick running weekly, if not daily.

There are BETTER Catholic Apologists Out There. I go for The TRADITIONAL ONES. 

They don’t knock The Bishops around the clock. They provide Depth & Analysis. Gary just WHINES & call other people all kinds of names.

Hang it up, Gary, Hang it up!



2 thoughts on “The “Bore-Tex” 

  1. He’s obiviously obsessed with lashing out at any kind of authority, because of what happened to him as a kid. If the Church solved all the problems it has now, and removed the problem bishops and clergy, I’m convinced he would still attack like he does now. As long as he has that hatred and anger raging in his heart, he can’t quit.

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