At Last Year’s Papal DriveBy In Central Park, “Dumb & Dumber” Weren’t The Way To Go

Central Park was packed with New Yorkers, and Smartphone Users to boot for a Glimpse of Papa Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis.

John Legere, The Chairman & CEO of T-Mobile US(T-Mobile, & Metro PCS as their Brands), has a way to describe AT & T & Verizon, which cracks me up. He calls them “Dumb & Dumber”, with Verizon as Dumb & AT & T as Dumber. And it was apparent in Central Park, with people attempting to send Videos & Photos from Central Park. Dumb & Dumber were NOT the Way To Go on September 27th, 2015.

I had Smooth Sailing on my LG Leon from Central Park. I was on Metro PCS from there & T-Mobile 4G LTE Service in Manhattan’s Central Park was marvelous. I even tracked the Papal Entourage via EWTN’s Video App, which worked flawlessly. 

After the Papal Entourage Passed Central Park, the Complaints from “Dumb & Dumber’s” Customers were rather loud. Uploads of Videos to You Tube were impossible to make. I was using Live Video Streaming Service Bambuser & got through. I even received photos from My Most Dear Friend, who was sending over photos from Belgium. I had no problem sending over video feeds to her 917 # across the Atlantic Ocean. Between AC 917 & 718, even between two Countries, it was for me a Domestic Text With Link.

I’m glad that I didn’t use “Dumb & Dumber” that day. And Forget any form of Sprint PCS, as nothing would’ve worked.



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