28 Days To Reach 20 GB Of 4G LTE Data Usage

I’m curious to know just how much this would cost on “Dumb & Dumber”? 

AT & T Mobility only gave US Olympic Team Family Members 1GB of Data at 4G LTE to work with at the Rio Olympic Games. They were the Sponsors of the USA Olympic Team. Meanwhile T Mobile gave Unlimited 4G LTE Coverage in Rio De Jainero. 

AT & T Mobility(Dumber) is still at Heart, “Ma Bell”, as if they were the ONLY Company out there. This is NOT 1976 & the Weather Report at WE6-1212. This is the Era of Shooting Videos across oceans, not calling Grandma about two blocks away.

And with unlimited 4G LTE over T Mobile Owned Metro PCS, uploading HD Video of 10 Minutes In Length, worked so smoothly. I am rather satisfied with Metro PCS. 

What does $60 buy someone on AT&T Owned Cricket Wireless? 10 GB of 4G LTE Service? A One Hour Video being uploaded to Dailymotion, would eat up 40% of that Data Bucket. 

As we’d say in Brooklyn, NY:




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