On The Feast Of Pope St. Gregory The Great(A Liturgical Reformer In The True Sense)

For those of you who attend the Tridentine Latin Mass, you will hear the Epistle, Sung Graduale Romanum, Alleluia or Tract & Gospel. The 1st Reading is usually an Epistle(Usually St. Paul The Apostle), mostly from the New Testament, though once in awhile, there is a Reading Of The Old Testament as 1st Reading. Then the Graduale Romanum & Alleluia or Tract is said or sung, followed by The Gospel. This is all done from The Altar. In the Missa Solemnes, Subdeacon chants the Epistle while facing Liturgical East, and Gospel is chanted by the Deacon, by the Pulpit. The Priest then gives the Homily. This is near the end of the 6th Century A.D..

This replaced Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Responsorial Psalm & Gospel. The Emphasis on The Sacrifice of The Mass was enhanced. 

Pope St. Gregory The Great also promoted the Lenten Practice of The Liturgy of The Presanctified, where the Body of Christ is given and was Consecrated in a Prior Liturgy. This practice only occurs on Good Friday in The Roman Latin Rite, while occuring weekly in Lent in the Byzantine Rite Churches, both Catholic & Eastern Orthodox.

Gregorian Chant is attributed to Pope St Gregory The Great. 

As far as the Readings of Scripture is concerned, the format discarded by Pope St Gregory The Great, began to be used by the Heretics, Luther and Cranmer in their liturgies, where Sacrifice was disregarded & The Word began to be the big thing, since The Eucharist in Lutheranism & Anglicanism, is still called “The Lord’s Supper” with disregard for the Sacrificial and Sacramental Priesthood, instituted By Christ on Holy Thursday. In an effort during Vatican II, the Novus Ordo Mass, from Sacrosanctum Concillium, came to be, in the name of The False Ecumenism, to be for reaching out to Protestants. This has turned out to be one gigantic flop, as Roman Latin Rite Catholics began to think like The Heretics, including in Eucharistic Belief(Like Close to no belief in a majority of cases).

They don’t make Popes like St. Gregory The Great anymore. One like him or St. Pius X is needed Today.

Papa Bergoglio, Please Take Note of This.

Kyrie Elaison!



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