15 Years Since 09/11/01

With the Horrific Events on Tuesday, 09/11/01, with Jet Planes being Crashed into the Two World Trade Centre Towers in Lower Manhattan, with TV & FM Radio Stations being knocked off the air, Mobile ☎ Service was also down. My Mobile Carrier was AT & T Wireless & nothing worked, not even Text Messaging. I did have Internet from Home. That was a Link that worked, as the laptop was hooked into Time Warner Cable & AOL.

But Banks & Automatic Teller Machines were out of action. So was much of The City of New York. The City was a proverbial “Ghost Town.”

And the Report of 343 NYC Firemen were killed, two from East Glendale in Queens, FDNY Captain Pat Waters, who was at the Medical Division, jumped on a Fire Truck and never came home that day. Firefighter Robert Larsen also perished. Both were Catholics & Larsen was a Convert. Their Department Funerals were at Sacred Heart in East Glendale. Rob’s son, August, was born on 09/13/01. August Larsen will be 15 Years Old on 09/13/16 & is a Sophomore in High School.

The USA has NOT been The Same since that day.

Kyrie Elaison!



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