Catholic “Social” Teaching-1967 Or “Everybody Over To THE LEFT”

The LAST Time I heard Catholic Doctrine Seriously Taught, was in May of 1967 when I received The Sacrament of Confirmation. This was 17 Months after the Official End of The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council(Peace, Love, Joy, Ambiguity, Obsequiousness & Bunnies).

  1. It was in the 7th Grade when Religion was taught, when under the Guise of Social Teaching, that it was the Beginning of Serious Political Indoctrination(Liberal Political Thought). The Remaining Elements of “Camelot”, namely Robert Francis Kennedy(Bobby) & Edward Moore Kennedy(Ted), were spoken of, as if Catholic Saints, as well as The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr, who like the 1st Two US Senators, were Leftists.
  2. Dr. King was the 1st Recipient of The Margaret Sanger Award, named for the Founder of Planned Parenthood.
  3. It was around 2008 that I had learned that as to the Effect of all this Liberaltastic “Social Teaching”, that the Psychological Theories of Dr Carl Rogers, were used as Group Thetapy on many orders of Nuns. It turned out that The Rockefeller Foundation was funding all of this. Within 4 Years, the Two 7th Grade Radical Nuns were no longer Nuns
  4. US Senator Jacob K Javits, with Bobby & Ted Kennedy, in 1965, changed the Immigration Laws, from European Immigration to what it is today, a Major League Mess.
  5. And Catholic Religion Teaching stopped being about Doctrine
  6. The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass in 1967, through the Theories of Benedictine Archabbot Rembert Weakland(Later Archbishop of Milwaukee, who came “Out of The Closet” in his memoirs), enabled the so called “Folk Mass.”
  7. As My Most Dear Friend has said, which I fully agree with, it’s all “Vomit, Barf, Puke, S–t, Treacle, Gross, Sick, Stupid & Pathetic.”
  8. Vatican II and Post Vatican II is a Disaster, Every Single Day.
  9. My Next Door Neighbors in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn(Now Deceased)let me read “American Opinion”, the Magazine of The John Birch Society. What the Magazine said was Prophetic about the USA.
  10. My Nuns wondered if there was something wrong with me for questioning this “Leftist Drift.”
  11. And You Wonder WHY I read “The Remnant”, “Catholic Family News”, “A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics”,”One Peter Five” & “AKACATHOLIC.COM!” Quite Simply, I’m a Paleo Conservative, NOT a NEOCON.


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