Cricket Wireless, of “Dumb & Dumber”Fame(Like John Legere Says) & Mobile Hotspot(Why $10 Extra To Use Your Own Data As A Mobile Hotspot)

I have the realisation that John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US, that AT&T Mobility is definitely part of “Dumb & Dumber”, & he would be right. On Metro PCS, those of us on the $60 Unlimited 4G LTE Plan, have a Bonus of 8GB of Data for Mobile Hotspot. Those on the $30, $40 & $50 Plans have 6GB of Data for Mobile Hotspot. 

Yet, Cricket Wireless users have to lay out $10 Extra, for the “Honor & Privilege” of using their “Data Bucket” for Mobile Hotspot. With their plan, be prepared to spend a lot of time at Starbucks & Mc Donald’s with their Free Wi Fi.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Cricket is a Wholly owned Subsidiary of AT&T Mobility(Whether they’re Dumb or Dumber, whatever John Legere says they are). Canada & Mexico are on the $50, $60 & $70 plans, but Cricket Wireless cannot be used outside of these Three Countries unless you have a Wi Fi Hotspot, using a free app to text or call. 

The International Plans can only be for calls originating from the USA, as Cricket has no roaming agreements in other nations except Canada & Mexico. For that, AT&T Mobility has plans for this, requiring that you “Give Up Your 1st Born Child”, which means it is pretty costly, & is ONLY on AT&T Mobility’s main service, running from $40 to $120(May I have your left Nut please).

So if you plan to go to Ireland, your Cricket Wireless Phone, unless you’re in a Starbucks or Mc Donald’s in the nation, your phone will be as useless as a brick. 

So much for a “Ma Bell” Bargain!



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