“Episode 1: Live Blacks Matter Too”(The Remnant Underground With Michael Matt)

Wow! Michael Matt’s Path crosses with my path. In Minneapolis, he was a Police Officer & knew about Danger, as well as the Various Revolutionaries who subsidize Disorder. Michael J Matt is now Publisher & Editor of The Great Traditional Catholic Newspaper, “The Remnant Newspaper”, in the R C Archdiocese Of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Middle America Flyover Country, Minnesota. He like I, have worshipped in the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at the Great Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor of The Church.

My Time in Law Enforcement as a New York State Certified Peace Officer was for several years, but the actual use of Arrest Power was exercised Twice in 1995, both in connection with Sale of Counterfeit Goods.

But that Authority was being curtailed by a few “Interpreters” of The NY State Criminal Procedure Law, who followed the Path of Slackers, who prefer being Subversives while serving themselves & rewarding others who “Go With The Flow Of The Gowanus Canal”, which means they are full of S–T.

And they insist that 2+2=5, hence they are Revolutionaries who rebel against the LOGOS. And the Revolutionaries all have $$$$$$$$$.

But They Deny “The Logos(WORD) Made Flesh”.



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