“When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?”

Bluto Blutarsky(John Belushi) was no “Rocket Scientist” at Faber College in the Comedy Film Classic, “Animal House”, which appeared on Movie Screens in 1978 in the USA. In Blutarsky’s Speech to his Delta House Troops, he said the classic line “When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor”, proving that he basically wasted 7 Years of College Education, according to the 1978 Film.

But this is 2016, 38 Years Later. The Germans did attack Hawaii, but did it peacefully via Deutsche Telekom AG in 2001. In case you wonder why I repeated John Belushi’s Famous Line, it shows Bluto Blutarsky(John Belushi) to be prophetic.

Bluto predicted the Coming of T-Mobile US to Hawaii. 



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