08/14/03 The Blackout Of Mobile Phone Service, Exceptions Are Two

Well, Two Mobile Services did work in the Northeastern US Blackout & None were AT&T, Verizon Wireless & Sprint. 

Nextel’s Voice Service was able to connect but not the Walkie Talkie Service. T-Mobile had Voice, Datta & Text Services. I used T-Mobile on a hookup to the Denver, CO area to a friend who used to live in East Glendale, Queens. I asked him to tune into CNN(Clintonista News Network). He relayed back that the Northeastern US had no power. Hence, right by Queens Borough Hall on Queens Boulevard, I was the only person in the area with Mobile Phone Service, with “Full Service.”

That night my AT&T Phone did serve as a Nightlight. That is all it could be.

Currently, Metro PCS, a T-Mobile Subsidiary, handles my mobile phone service. I cannot complain. It is cheaper today & way cheaper than AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless & Sprint(Which STILL SUCKS).

And I’m in The Pub where I spent the Evening by Candlight. And it wasn’t romantic, but it was a bit fun.



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