When Is “Right” Wrong?

I have known people called “Yes Men” or “Company Men”, & in the case of these people, Reason is overruled by Rationalizing. Even if there is no Rhyme nor Reason for a particular action, The Yes Men will say it is warranted because a Superior said so, without thinking at all about the chronic failure of the repeated action. These people do No Research. They proceed blindly ahead into things without thought except to please Superiors who love Numerals on a Spreadsheet, but with no real purpose. If the Superiors say that 2+2=5, The Yes Men agree with those entrusted with Authority.

These are people who jealously guard their Loyalty to a Failed System. They persecute those who actually have a System which works. Instead of Rewarding those with a Logical System, such as doing the task properly the 1st Time, they seek to persecute those who actually are a Success. It is done Gang Style. And The Logical Person, who did the thorough research, whose Hypothesis has been tested and proven correct, is attacked quite viciously by the “Pack Of Wild Wolves With Ravenous Appetites”, who wish not to be exposed as Fraudulent Schemers with insanely selfish motives. Then Again, these are Insecure People, who always seek the Approval of other Insecure People. 


This is big amongst the Company Men who repeat the same error continuosly and believe 2+2=5 is Whatever The Big Cheese says it is. They do so for Advancement in order so as not to “Rock The Proverbial Boat.” As often that Money is the Reward for a Job not so well done, except in Flattery, The Company Men(AKA Yes Men), hope to be rewarded for Advanced Flattery. The Phrase “Everybody Does This”, is The Credo of these Flatterers.

I personally experienced these people who wander about like Lemmings, who follow the “Reverend” Jim Jones Philosophy of “Drinking The Kool Aid”, even if laced with Poison. If the Superior leaps as Lead Lemming from a Cliff, these Company Men will follow suit & decry those who won’t follow them from the cliff. They use Bully Tactics.

As I once, in the Civil Service of The City of New York, in the Law Enforcement Profession, discovered such Company Men, who will use all of the Clarity of a Vatican II Document, which is written to confuse many people via Ambiguity, it was in the issuance of Civil Process where the “Doctrine” of 2+2=5 was practiced, which would confuse the people being charged with an Offence Against Civil Order, as well as a Judge, resulting in Dismissal of the Offence in question. A Barrister who decided to write the Narrative for use in the Civil Process, called an Environmental Control Board Summons, wrote Narratives which had Vatican II Clarity(NONE), left the Agency to represent Violators of Various Ordinances, which are written in the Prescribed Language concocted by this Barrister, for the Benefit of lining his own pocket as well as those who would go along with this system of lining one’s pocket. Two Members of this Law Enforcement Service would not play along & proved the Barrister to be grossly incorrect. 

Persecution By The Yes Men:

I think of them as Establishment Types, who use Force to convince the “Sheeple”(Thank You, Michael Savage), that 2+2=5. The Yes Men agree that the Proverbial Boat has been rocked. They have been exposed as frauds. These are People who seek approval as to which hand is proper to perform a “Butt Wipe.” The Question I ask them is whether or not they use Toilet Paper in their “Butt Wipery.” They are collectively insulted if such a logical question is asked. 

Two of us in Law Enforcement, found out that The Company Men, believe in the system of “The Enemies List”, where being ostracized by The Company Men, proves their collective cowardice. They have been exposed as Frauds who have NOTHING to contribute to the conversation. They “Go With The Flow” Of The Gowanus Canal, perhaps the most polluted body of Water in The World. Their Minds are constipated.

Kyrie Elaison!



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