Martha Raddatz? My Nun Would Smash Your Face

Moderators are what one in Baseball would call an Umpire,  or a Referee in Basketball, Soccer, Boxing & Football. Are you LITERATE enough Miss Raddatz, Miss indicates in an Older Sense, an Unmarried Female, which is so “Un PC”, as well as to miss the meaning of the word Moderator?

Catholic School Nuns up to the Mid 1960s, would have whacked you on your posterior, rapped you on the knuckles, and smacked you in your face, at least until “Rogersian Psychology”, replete with “Sensitivity Training”, which turned Nuns into “Sexually Liberated” individuals who lost their Vocations. And you would not tell your parents of Punishment, lest you would get a good whacking at home.

They don’t make Nuns like Sister Mary Irene SCH(Sisters of Charity Halifax) anymore. Martha, you’d end up on the floor, if you ever did anything like Interrupt another Student, Lay Teacher or Nun. If Sister was here today, you and Madame Rodham Clinton would both have Sore Hands, Posteriors & Shaking Heads. You wouldn’t know what hit you. And you would finally learn the PROPER Meaning of the word “Moderator.”



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