The NY Times: A Scandal Sheet

A few years ago, the “Grey Lady”, called the NY Times, had to sell off most of their broadcast properties to keep the Flagship Properties afloat. Is it because “The Grey Lady” was becoming Irrelevent?

Now they have become “The New York Graphic.” The members of the Council On Foreign Relations, a group of people who decide who runs nations as The Oligarchs they are, includes the NY Times & Washington Post. And since Donald Trump is of No Use to these Oligarchs who want to dictate to the World just how you are to do a Butt Wipe, the New York Times & Washington Post have become quasi salacious scandal sheets like the Now Defunct New York Graphic, filled with Lurid Tales, not unlike the Defunct “Weekly World News.”

As Works of Fiction, you guys aren’t really top notch. As Sources of News, YOU SUCK.



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