1920 Possible Reprise In MLB World Series?

In 1920, the MLB Ballparks were League Park in Cleveland, OH, which is being rebuilt into a Baseball Museum & Ebbets Field in the Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn, NY, an area attracting Younger Hipsters.

Ebbets Field is Gone, but a modern replica called Citi Field in the Corona Section of Queens, NY, is Home of the 2015 NL Champions NY Mets, who were eliminated in a One Game Postseason Wild Card Playoff.

Cleveland defeated Toronto 4 Games to One in a best of 7 American League Championship Series.  They await results of the NL Championship Series between the LA Dodgers & Chicago Cubs.

If the Dodgers face Cleveland, it will be occurring in the Indians Home City of Cleveland, only the Indians play at Progressive Field. During this World Series, the Dodgers have switched from East Coast to the West Coast, with Dodger Stadium as Home, not Ebbets Field. Unlike 1920, without even Radio for the Series, it will be on FOX Sports & ESPN Radio. Unlike 1920 when World Series Games were played at 1:00PM EST, it will be in Prime Time, about 8:24PM EDT(5:24PM PDT).

Interesting Note: In this Major League Baseball Postseason, Three National League Teams who represented New York City are or were in the Postseason.

The NY Mets(NL Expansion in 1962), the SF Giants(NY Giants from 1883 to 1957) & Los Angeles Dodgers(Brooklyn Dodgers from 1855 to 1957), have played. NY Mets eliminated in One Game Wild Card Playoff, SF Giants Eliminated in 4 Games by The Chicago Cubs, and now only the Dodgers remain, tied with The Cubs @ 2 Games. This should be an interesting Series up and coming.



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