$10K To Project Veritas In 2015 Is A Conflict Of Interest?

According to NBC News, Donald Trump gave $10K to Project Veritas, as if it is a Conflict Of Interest to influence Political Reporting.

About the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Polls, they’re paid for by a Hillary SuperPAC. 

The Libtard Establishment Mouthpiece Television Networks & their Neocon Partners are run by the Big Money. 

Project Veritas is run with a Hundreth of the money. Veritas is Latin for Truth.

The Four National Television Networks, beginning with the letters A, C, & N, are partners with a Party which begins with the Letter D. Two of the Four Networks begin with the Letter C. These are the Libtard Establishment Mouthpiece Television Networks.

At least Donald Trump believes in an INDEPENDENT Media. 



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