A Rust Belt World Series, Old & New

Progessive Insurance Field, originally called Jacobs Field, is in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The last time The Cleveland Indians had won a World Series, Municipal Stadium was the Primary Home Ballpark. This was in 1948. 

The Last Time the Chicago Cubs had won a World Series, Wrigley Field on the North Side of Chicago, didn’t even exist. This was in 1908. In the case of both The Indians & Cubs, Baseball’s Fall Classic was played in the Daytime, never at Night. 

The Chicago Cubs open at “The Jake” in Cleveland on Tuesday Night. On Friday Night, Wrigley Lights up for The Fall Classic for the 1st Time. In 1945, Wrigley had no lights, the last time The Fall Classic was played in “The Friendly Confines.” Wrigley Field finally had Night Baseball in 1988. Had Phil Wrigley of Chewing Gum Fame been serious about the team, they might have gone places. Were The Cubs ONLY a “Tax Shelter” to Wrigley?

FOX Sports will carry the Fall Classic on FOX 32 in Chicago & FOX 8 in Cleveland. FOX will carry the Game worldwide in several countries. ESPN RADIO will carry the Games in the USA & Canada. On TV Internationally, feeds of FOX Sports & ESPN International, will be viewed.

Joe Maddon will manage The Cubs. His last appearance was in the 2008 Fall Classic, when the Tampa Bay Rays faced the Philadelphia Phillies & lost 4 Games to 2.

Terry Francona knows Victory in The Fall Classics of 2004 & 2007, leading The Boston Red Sox to a Perfect 8-0 Record in the World Series, with the Red Sox sweeping both the St. Louis Cardinals & Colorado Rockies.

2016 should be a battle. It’ll be Different.



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