AC 212 to AC 514 In 1969 & AC 718 to AC 514 in 2016. 2016 Was Way Cheaper.

Text Message in 1969 did not exist. It would be a thing of Spy Movies & perhaps, Star Trek.

Realising that Canada operates on the same area code system as the US of A, all one has to do is dial 1+the area code and then the number. A dialed phone call from Area Code 212, which was all of NYC in 1969, to Montreal in Canada, just for 2 Minutes, cost a couple of US Dollars. I should know because my parents were ready to kick my butt for this idea of mine calling the Montreal Expos.

Yet, today utilizing International Texting via T-Mobile Subsidiary Metro PCS, as part of a US$5 Added Value Pack, I texted a CBC Radio One Radio Programme, “All In A Weekend”, on CBC Radio One-Montreal, in regards to Weather.

There was a response & “Shout Out” from Lauren McCallum, Guest Host on the show, heard across La Province De Quebec on CBC Radio One Stations, Saturday & Sunday Mornings from 6:00AM to 9:00AM, ET, as well as the CBC Radio App on iPhone & Android, anywhere worldwide.

There was a bit on the Weather, so I texted directly to 1(514)566 9066 to CBC Radio One Montreal. Most Radio Stations use a Texting Code, but CBC Radio no longer uses Texting Codes, because it is an unneeded expense.

My Text Report was that the Prior Wednesday was 30°C or 87°F, & on Sunday NYC had a morning Temperature of 8°C or 49°F.

I then received a Text from Studio in Montreal. Lauren asked for my name & informed me that there would be a “Shout Out” being done on air. “All In A Weekend” is heard on all CBC Radio One Stations in Quebec. Then I heard the “Shout Out” here on my CBC Radio App on my Mobile. I thanked Lauren by Text. 

Lauren worked CBC’s United Nations Bureau in NYC(Manhattan). She said that misses NYC.

But I once sent a Text via T-Mobile to the BBC from here in Queens. And from an Irish Pub at East 25th Street & 3rd Avenue in Murray Hill, Manhattan, an Irish Lass, whose mobile service, Verizon, offered no international SMS Service, asked me to text her friend’s mobile in London, so the friend could call her back in Manhattan. So I texted the Mobile Across The Phone across the pond. The Young Irish Lass thanked me by text later. I used AT&T Wireless at the time.

Still, there is nothing like a Conversation in person.



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