Holy Communion In The Hand Leads Into Sacrilege

The Corpus Christi, known as The Body Of Christ, is God under the Appearance of Bread. The Sanguinis Christi, called The Blood Of Christ, is God under the Appearance of Wine. So WHY are the Faithful coming up to receive The Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar, as if one is headed toward a table of Hors D’Ouvres(Pronounced in Native Brooklynese as “Orderbs)?

Sadly, Corpus Christi, is treated like a Light Snack or a Halloween Treat. People receiving Corpus Christi A Mano, are using their unconsecrated fingers with a Porous Substance, which can flake off and be trampled underfoot, despite the fact that even that littlest particle is Corpus Christi(Christ Himself).

The use of Fingers is a Calvinist Practice. The Followers of both John Calvin & Ulrich Zwingli,  believe that The Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar is only a Spiritual Communal Meal. Zwingli, once a Dominican Priest of many Vatican Endowments, lost the Belief in the Corporeal Real Presence in The Eucharist, teaching that Holy Communion is only Symbolic. 

In the Anglican Communion, the Apostate Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, once one with many Vatican Endowments, turned around the Altar. Holy Communion In The Hand was introduced By Martin Bucer, an Apostate Dominican Priest, who lost his belief in the Corporeal Real Presence in The Eucharist, to the Anglicans. Bucer joined Zwingli in Denial of The Corporeal Real Presence in The Eucharist. This was NOT an Ancient Practice in The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church.

On occasion in the Catholic Churches of Byzantine Rite, such as the Sunday After Christmas, there is the Ancient Practice, whereby the Hands are Incensed. The Body Of Christ(Using Consecrated Leavened Bread) is put into the Right Palm & covered with the left hand and taken to the Station of The Deacon. One consumes The Body Of Christ, without using one’s fingers. The Deacon distributes, via Chalice The Blood Of Christ. There is a Cloth  Under The Chalice to prevent profanation by spillage. 

There are NO Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion used in this Ancient Practice. Leavened Bread, not the Unleavened Kind, is used in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches & Eastern Orthodox Churches. And consuming the Consecrated Leavened Bread, which includes the use of one’s tongue in removing any small particles from one’s hand, is permissible in this Ancient Practice. 

This doesn’t work in The Latin Rite as the Consecrated Unleavened Bread, which is very porous, leaves too many particles, hence is truly unworkable in the Latin Rite, so Holy Communion on the Tongue is really the Only Real Practice. There should be a Paten held by Altar Server under the chin to prevent particles from Falling to the ground. No fingers should ever be used by the Communicant as Lay Communicants do not have their fingers consecrated as do Priests. 

Holy Communion In The Hand in The Latin Rite, is essentially a Reformed Protestant Practice. Even the Lutherans knelt and received on the tongue, up to 15 Years ago, but began to copy current Novus Ordo Catholic Practice. Communion In The Hand is never used at the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Because of The Disobedience of The Dutch before the End od Vatican II in 1965, this Abuse entered Service in South Africa & Canada in 1970. One wonders just how many Catholics in The Netherlands today, still believe in The Eucharist.

In the US of A, only 3 in 10 believe that The Eucharist is Christ, ever since Holy Communion In The Hand was introduced.

1966 is the Dividing Line between Good and Bad Catechisis. Sadly, Bad prevails, as The Meal Theory was introduced to Catholic Instruction, as well as little mention of Sin. 

And Catholic Churches & Schools are closing up shop.

Trouble ahoy!



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