Do NOT Trust The Oligarchs Radio & Television Networks For News(Mr Trump Is RIGHT, It’s Rigged)

The BBC Phone App looks like a bunch of Cheerleaders for the US Establishment Democratic Party. The FBI Chief Comey did not have time to cover 650K Emails from Wikileaks. The President, Mr Obama, put a Kabosh on further investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Illicit Server, leaving Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey with no authority to conduct an investigation into Possible Criminal Practice by The Clintons.

Gee, I wonder which parts of The Beltway & The Upper West Side of Manhattan that ABC News(7 West 66th Street & Broadway & WaPo(The Washington Post), have polled again? These are the TWO Most Liberal Establishment Democratic Areas one can poll. 

Just how many Polls are being taken by the Liberaltastic Alphabet Soup Networks, to influence people into changing their votes to the TV Networks Political Choice for US President? 

Since Mr Obama has no intention of stopping Non US Citizens from Voting, will the US of A become a Third World State? 

Pray Hard & Vote, Dear Nation. 



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