I call this Amazing. And, Screw The Networks(Except FOX), as such FIXERS as CNN, CBS, ABC, PMSNBC(Rachel Maddow’s Face Said It All), NBC, & The NY Times & Washington Post, despite all their rigged polls, taken on Manhattan’s Upper West Side & in The Beltway & SOCAL(Hollywood), The Mainstream Media “Went With The Flow”, like the Flow of Water of Brooklyn’s Exceptionally Polluted Gowanus Canal.

Hillary had NO Fireworks over NYC to signify The MSM’s Victory Narrative. Well, So Much for that Quasi Papal Endorsement from The One who Resides in a Five Star Hotel in The Vatican, behind a 40 Foot Wall.

#TheDonald45thPOTUS, Native Son of The Borough of Queens, has The Presidential Election in the bag. January 20th, 2017, cannot come soon enough.

Deo Gratias! Mater Dei Gratias!



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