Gloria.TV News on the 18th of November 2016 – & My Snarky Comments

Amoris Laetitia may please Denizens of that Atheistic Nation called Manhattan’s Upper West Side where they worship at the Telescreen of Leftist Screed called CNN(They SUCK, BTW), or are Catholics of The Lapsed Variety, but to those who remember their Baltimore Catechism of Antiquity, the Writer of The Pile of 258 Pages, if he had tried this in the Era of Venerable Pope Pius XII, that Someone would have earned a Rather Severe Censure called Excommunication for being a Formal Heretic & suspected of Freemason Membership, which also carries The Penalty of Excommunication, as well as a Painful Triple Rap of The Knuckles from Nuns I have known before September, 1967. One wonders if that Leftist Enclave called the Upper West Side of Manhattan might even be a Region of North Korea, accessible by IND & IRT Subway Lines. 

Amoris Laetitia is NOT part of The Magisterium according to The Redoutable Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. 

Do watch the Gloria TV News, as they have made sense of Papa Bergoglio’s Act of Mumbo Jumbo Heresy.

Kyrie Elaison!



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