Covert Prostitution Via Craigslist?

Since The Ancient Times, Prostitution has been practiced, usually involving Sins Of The Flesh Involving The Exchange of Something of Value, usually Money, but also Exotic Sex is done as well.

So if Someone requests 50 Roses, it is code for US$50. If one sees the Words “Generous Dad”, The Older Male is paying, more often than not, for a Young Male Prostitute. This is Homosexual Prostitution. US$50 often means a Transsexual is looking for Sex with another male.

So this action is covert & not truly open, unlike in a bar, where The Pickup is, more often than not, a Police Sting Operation.

On Craigslist Personals, is where this occurs. Those requesting a Multimedia Text Message for a “Hookup”, often embed their Mobile Phone #s in the body of the request.

As always, there is always the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases including AIDS & HIV. Plus, people have been robbed & killed off, as well as blackmailed.

Not Recommended Activity, as it might just kill you Physically & Spiritually(SIN).

Better, DON’T Try it.

Kyrie Elaison!



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