Realising That I May Get A Computer, It’s MacBook, No “Windows” For Me

I do not get headaches using Apple’s Signature Mac OS X. Come to think of it, MacOS9(Classic) was how I learned to use MacOSX.

I never worried about Viruses on Mac OS 9.2.2 on Classic MacOS. There were only 60 Viruses for Classic MacOS, but NONE on Mac OS X. Microsoft Windows on the other hand, at last count had close to 750K Viruses in the wild requiring Industrial Strength Anti Virus Software. 

But, I once had to make a Tablesheet for work for Administrative Law Court Hearings. Using MS Windows XP(WinOS 5.1), making the Tablesheet was no bargain, having to use MS DOS Commands & not allowed to use The PC’s Mouse. It took about 12 Steps to create a Tablesheet, using MS Word for Windows XP. Let me say this about Microsoft Word For Windows XP & Windows XP as well. It is complicated & one wonders how any work ever gets done in an Office. Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Word For Windows have this in common with the Establishment Media, that is, Microsoft Word For Windows XP, quite simply put, is like CNN. It, like CNN, SUCKS. Twelve Steps to do everything & being handicapped by using a Microsoft DOS Command Line, is NOT IN the least bit productive. Microsoft Windows based Computers are built for ensuring that loads of Tech Support is on hand to handle the various problems as well as to give well paying jobs to Computer Nerds to put together a Network. It is Utter BULLSHIT.

So I went home one day to create a Tablesheet, using Mariner Software on my iMac at home, running on MacOS X 10.5.1. It took less than 15 Minutes to do this, without using a programme requiring University Postgraduates to show one how to use 12÷ DOS Commands. I saved the Tablesheet & emailed the workstation in my office. It was aggravation free, putting this together & used my Mouse without a headache or Stress Attack. The Sheet worked just fine so I could put the Citywide Administrative Law Court Calendar online & deliverable each day at 11:00AM ET to Borough Offices. It only took 3 Steps on a Mac.

I have used an iMac for Video Production. The 1st Round of the 2011 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, Called the Council Round, was produced while using an iPod Touch 4Th Edition & the iMac’s iMovie Software. Subsequent Rounds used only the iPod Touch 4, which is actually a Handheld Mac, using iOS, the iPhone Version of Mac OS X. I used Wi Fi Hotspots to upload the Productions of the Competitions. 

I can say that once I went over to Mac, I will not use MS Windows. Hey, Microsoft Office For Mac OS X is much more elegant. The only problem is that it takes up several GB of a Hard Drive. For Writing I will use the Elegant & Nimble Nisus Writers Express, a software which only uses a # of MB. For spreadsheets, there is always Google Docs. 

My Android Phone can be used as Wi Fi as I have T-Mobile Subsidiary Metro PCS. It will do fine when I don’t feel like running to Starbucks. 

It’s back to Mac, an Industrial Strength OS. Besides, I don’t want Windows to let in a load of Bugs.



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