4432 Times The 2011 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship On Dailymotion Has Been Viewed

And the 2011 Coverage has been seen only on Dailymotion, as the Vimeo Coverage, along with blip.tv, You Tube & Viddler Coverages were wiped out in Network takeovers & Contestant Family Interferences, as well as You Tube Viewership seen mostly in Canada. Since it was here on Dailymotion, there has been exposure on the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Television Network, RTL.

Since that coverage was recorded, it averages 600 Views per year. 

Vimeo will carry One Round, & so will You Tube Live, with Facebook & Twitter, Google+ & Tumblr carrying Hooked Up Feeds from The Primary Networks. 

2017-The Year Of TheDonald45thPOTUS, will be a Memorable Year. It will be 25 Years since the 1st Time that Monsignor Sherman Council #5103 took part in the Competition, beginning at Christ The King High School on Sunday, January 16th, 1992.

KOFCFT XXV is coming soon, called KOFCFT 25.



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