My Message To The “Assorted Pinkos”, Who Are In Mourning Since 11/9/2016

All of you Weeping Crying Baby Morons should simply “SHUT THE FUCK UP”, as it is NOT the “End of Civilization,” with the Election of a President, originally from the US Postal Service Code #114, in the Borough of Queens in The City of New York.

You don’t live in reality. You try to distract people with Movies & Television & plant Political Messages in the shows. That Quasi “Clinton Ad” Episode of “Murphy Brown”, mocking VP Dan Quayle, serves as an Example. The Series “The West Wing”, was glorification of The Clinton Era in the White House.

Pinkos are Modern Leftists who aren’t quite Communists, but close to it. Progressive, Debilitating Taxation to run one into near poverty, is perpetrated by those who live in luxury, as Fat Cats, The Ruling Class.




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