5103KOFCFT 25 New Coverage Outlets

Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Coverage of The Council Round of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship From PS 101Q in Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, NY, will not be live but will be carried on a New Network.

Vid.me, a new alternative to You Tube, will carry Free Throw 25, after recording and after editing, will be on Vid.me, with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Google+, carrying the vid.me stationsquareml channel. 

A 2nd and International Feed will be handled by Gloria.tv, a known Catholic Web TV Channel on the Stationsquare.ml Page.

KOFCFT 25 is for the 25th Anniversary of The Council’s Competition, which originally occurred on Sunday, January 16th, 1992, at Christ The King High School in Middle Village, Queens, N.Y., at a time when there were no Video Services like You Tube and No High Definition Coverage Abilities, such as Live Coverage in 720p HD, nor Vimeo & Dailymotion. FT 25 is using Arabic Numerals instead of Roman Numerals, as in the Super Bowl Tradition, where Super Bowl 50 used Arabic Numerals for The Coverage. Since KOFCFT 25 is a Special Milestone, it was time to use Arabic Numerals.

Deo Gratias!



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