Only Vid.Me, GloriaTV & Dailymotion Will Carry Next K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage

It is simple-You Tube, which is Great for viewing, NextNewsNetwork, among other things Paleo Conservative, is no longer an option as a Mainline Channel for any round of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. Councils keep uploading to only One Outlet, depriving themselves of greater #s of Viewers. I don’t share that Philosophy at all. Just because Jo Jo decides to take a dip in the Hudson River in the Nude in January, by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, doesn’t mean that I have to, or even want to. 

I prefer to change away from the You Tube Philosophy, so after the You Tube Live Try, which resulted in getting a “Yuge” Audience of 3 Guys in a Starbucks in Dublin, Ireland, drinking double espressos to stay awake watching this spectacle, I tried carrying carrying this on a You Tube Alternative, Long Form Coverage on VidMe with a pretty decent audience, Switzerland’s Catholic Internet TV Channel, Dailymotion & Vimeo. What saved Vimeo from 11st Round Deletion was 1 Viewer. Hence that Video stays up. But, the next couple of Rounds will be carried on & Dailymotion with Short Form Coverage. Long Form Coverage will be on Vid.Me. NOTHING will be on You Tube. When not a single viewer tunes into You Tube, it resulted in deletion from the coverage, due to NO VIEWERS in 24 Hours.

If there are only two rounds, GloriaTV & Vid.Me will Carry Long Form Coverage. If there are three rounds, Long Form Coverage will be on Vid.Me & Gloria.TV & Short Form Coverage will be on Dailymotion. Two Services will be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Google+ in Round #3. Gloria.TV operates Alone without Facebook, Twitter, & Google+, but will be paired on Tumblr.

When it comes to the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, it mixes with You Tube, like a Donald Trump Rally on CNN. I think you get the joke.



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