No Need For You Tube For Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Championship

I think about giving the Viewers the best possible viewing experience, free from assorted morons, who make idiotic comments. This is why I use Vid.Me and, with Dailymotion as alternative, in order to reach an audience. 

And, so far, we are over 800 Views. And none of it is on You Tube, where assorted idiots make nasty &, in some cases, lewd comments. Besides, Families of Contestants as well as Contestants themselves, may click a good # of times for very high #s, which leads to untrue viewership #s. This happened in 2011, where the Council Round #s were “Yuge”, but the District Round fell dramatically, by 67%. 
So,, and Vid.Me were used and the #s are quite good. Dailymotion, a legacy service from 2011, has much lower #s but fair # of viewers, while Vimeo, once home to 130K views, only has 1 View & was eliminated after 5 Days. You Tube was eliminated after 24 Hours for drawing no views at all & from looking at You Tube K of C Free Throw Coverage, when only 5 views for 8 Days are displayed, it is time to go elsewhere.

Next Round will be & Vid.Me.If there is a Third Round, Dailymotion will be added.



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