“What Pisses Me Off About The Anti-Trump Riots” By Stefan Molyneaux(With My Comments)

Liberals of Today are off the Ledge. They are Cultural Marxists. They find ways to force one into Utter Conformity to their Utter Idiocy. They are called “Tolerant”, when in Practice, it is far from the Practice of Tolerance.

I learned the Hard Way, in the Land of The “Civil Service”, which may be anything but Civil. Many of The Civil Service in Local Government, possess a lack of Common Sense. It is said that this is the case in Local, State & Federal Service. It is a Land of Gobbledegook spoken not in English but in a Sublingua called Jargon, which I almost never spoke in 25 Years of Service with The City of New York. I preferred Plain Talk, not unlike The 45th President of The United States of America, Donald John Trump, known in this City of 5 Boroughs as “The Donald.” Sounding Officious means being a Blowhard, or that one wasn’t Toilet Trained. I think you get the picture. Officious Speech makes one sound like a Butt Wipe.

And much of Civil Service in NYC are Leftist Leaners. They prefer going through points C, D & E, before getting to Point B when traveling from Point A. Often the person giving an order, fails to have knowledge of an area of The City. He or She could have flunked Geography in Grade School, but fakes his or her way through. 

When it comes to application of the Enforcement of a Law, many follow BLINDLY, whatever THE CUSTOM is at the time. Never mind actually cracking a book to find out what the Law says. Their Philosophy is “Go With The Flow & Be a Team Player.” Nothing is accomplished. Going with the flow in their case is following the Polluted Path of Brooklyn’s Legendary & Extremely Polluted Gowanus Canal. Being a Team Player is in the Mind of The 1919 Chicago White Sox(Who Threw The 1919 World Series For Gamblers).

But actually coming up with a True Solution would cause the “Go With The Flow” Crowd to plot your fate, everything from Violence to your person to attempts on your life & the Destruction of one’s Livelyhood. They consider you to be a “Whistleblower” & NOT to be Trusted. Imagine winning Civil Cases when everybody else is of the philosophy that they get paid the same, whether winning or losing, preferably losing because it is easy. And I wondered why I even bothered to show up for work. Working among this bunch causes me to cheer “The Donald’s” Philosophy of “Draining The Swamp”, which is what Central Government in DC truly is.

Working For Whacked Out Libtards is a Waste of Time. They love Stats and that is all. To them, it is a measure of accomplishment in itself, rather than changing the unliveable condition. These are people who thrive by Spreadsheet & NOT by Solution. Challenge them on it, means that You are an Outcast. The Left Prefers It this Way. Their Solution is actually NONE AT ALL.

And Donald Trump was tired of the bulls–t. That is WHY he ran for President & won. The Left has no solution. 

Pray for Whistleblowers and Our 45th President of The United States of America. Good Will Come of It.



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