Tears & A Revelation

“Blessed Be Jesus In The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Altar”:

I have been, to say the least, ill. It was NOT helped by Antibiotics, because Antibiotics knock out both Good & Bad Bacteria. There are two nasty Side Effects, namely Flatulence & Diarrhea. With the Flatulence, for me to be at Mass would be to show disrespect for God & His People by placing them in Discomfort from whatever Noxious Odors which may be emitted from me. So, feeling better, on the 4th Sunday After Epiphany &  4th Sunday In Ordinary Time, thanks to Yogurt Therapy on Saturday Morning & Afternoon at Kew Gardens Starbucks Shop, I was infused by Good Bacteria for much of the Day. For in my Doctor’s Zeal by Treatment with Antibiotics in connection with Psoriasis & Infection, it almost ruined my Immune System, causing for utterly putrid emissions of Flatulence, which added up to Misery. An Internal Cleanse was mandated, so as to be able to go to the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. 

The Beatitudes were Preached on a hill by Jesus to the Multitudes.

And I went to Holy Communion. As I received The Sacred Host, I choked up with Tears. I was overcome as if The Lord was next to me, reminding me that “You Have Received ME.”

It is TRUE. Corpus Christi is not bread. IT IS HIM, NOT A SYMBOLIC PIECE OF BREAD. 




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