“Oh, He Directs The World Series On FOX By The Way”

The NY Mets & Boston Red Sox  were playing at Fenway Park. For Red Sox Fans rely, even in NY, on NESN(New England Sports Network). But, even though there was a game on from Fenway Park, the Television of the Game in NY usually involves the NY Yankees on the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network(YES Network, 20% By The NY Yankees & 80% Ownership by 21st Century FOX). The NY Yankées & their TV Network are despised both by Red Sox Fans & Mets Fans alike.

So those of us operating from behind Yankees Enemy Lines. were deprived of NESN, were treated to expertly directed TeleSports by watching Sportsnet New York, the METS Telecast. It was brilliantly coreographed & directed by Bill Webb.

17 World Series on FOX, several MLB All Star Games, ABC Sports & WOR T.V. & WWOR TV 9 & WPIX 11 regarding Mets Telecasts have been the Province of Bill Webb.

I was 16 when “Webby” took over the the Direction in the NY Mets TV Booth. 

So for those of us who said “Farewells” to Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson & Ralph Kiner, it was a Farewell to NYC Childhood. And now, “Webby” said Good Bye, as all of us who watched Channel 9 in our teens until Now in our Latter Days.

And at Professor Thom’s, a Red Sox Pub on 2nd Avenue by E.14th Street in The East Village of Manhattan, a Sox Fan commented “We can’t receive NESN, but this Telecast is Good & So is the Director.” 

I remarked “Oh, This man directs ‘The World Series On FOX by The Way.He is That Good.”

Thanks Webby! You will be missed.

Deo Gratias!



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