Boiled, Salted Herbed Beef Is NOT IRISH

THERE are The Irish and then there are Those of Irish Descent. Those of Irish Descent, especially in the USA, have no idea about Ireland, perhaps not knowing that in The Republic of Ireland, those who drive their Motorcars, have Right Sided Steering Wheels & drive on the Left Side of the road. This is in The British Isles, NOT The 5 Boroughs of NYC. Since I had the Experience of Driving in The Republic of Ireland, it is to say the least, strange to those who reside in North America(The US of A & Canada).

Boiled Beef is one of two known dishes served on Canadian Thanksgiving Day, which occurs on the same date as Columbus Day in the US of A. Boiled, Salted & Herbed Beef is usually eaten by the British Descended Canadians while the French Canadians tend toward Fowl, which means lighter fare(Turkey). 

The St. Patrick’s Feast in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland:

I was at Home in my Native Brooklyn & was told by Mum that in Ireland, that Boiled/Salted & Herbed Béef, called Corned Beef in this country, is not served in any part of the 32 Counties of The Emerald(Silicon)Isle. What is served here, eminates from England. Boiled Beef was manufactured in Ireland for consumption in England. Boiled Beef is what came over here from the UK, as the 13 States were once The Colonies. As for Cabbage, it is a Staple of Eastern Europe in various Slavic States such as Poland and Ukraine. Since many of the Delicatessen & Butcher Shops were owned by Slavs and Jews, they did business in Boiled Beef and Cabbage. In The Republic of Ireland, Lamb or Ham is served at meal on the St. Patrick’s Feast. In The Province of Ulster, Roast Beef is served. 

An Irish Woman who works as a Massage Therapist, first partook of Boiled Beef & Cabbage, the Yank Dish on St. Patrick’s Day, in an appropriate setting on Manhattan’s Lower East Side called Katz Delicatessen, complete with Sour Pickle, Rye Bread and Mustard. Since she lives in The Borough of Nativity for The 45th POTUS, Mr Donald J. Trump, The Borough of Queens, I recommended Ben’s Best Delicatessen on Queens Blvd by 63rd Drive in Rego Park, where I remember an Irish Woman as my Server. That Sandwich was quite excellent.

My most memorable meal for St. Patrick’s Day, occurred in a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Hall in the Basement of that Parish on N5th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Cabbage was seasoned nicely. Chicken(Fowl) was served. It was light and delicious. 

It was The Best St. Patrick’s Day Dish I have ever enjoyed. And I also enjoyed some wine with it as Wine is good for Digestion. Now I understand the Roots of the Yank Version of The Celebration. 

God Save Ukraine!

God Save Ireland!

God Save America!



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