Farewell Klein The Lawyer & Other Characters In Queens Including Fat Thomas

The Newspaperman & Author, who chronicled the Exploits of The Common Man, Jimmy Breslin, died yesterday, Sunday, March 19th, 2017, from a bout with Pneumonia at age 88.

Granted, Jimmy Breslin was a Liberal, but he grew up poor in Queens & had a writing style geared to the Common Folk. His prose often left people laughing while he made his point.

He told a story about a certain Jamaica, Queens Born and Raised Real Estate Developer, who, when he spoke with Newspapermen, always used his favorite phrase “Between You & I.” That Developer’s 1st Name is Donald, long before Donald became “POTUS 45.”

Fat Thomas was a Gambler, who used to hang out at the Four Ones Cabstand on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood. Finally, Fat Thomas hit a winning streak. The Four Ones Cabstand has moved into East Glendale. Fat Thomas was in a few movies, one of which he played a Loudmouthed MABSTOA Bus Driver(The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue). He was a Real Breslin Character.

One Esaay I looked forward to at the end of every year was the list of “People I am Not Speaking To This Year.” Jimmy meant every word of it. 

Former Mayor of The City of New York Edwatd I Koch, who passed on about 3 years ago, once cracked that he will give the Eulogy at Jimmy Breslin’s & Norman Mailer’s Funerals. Breslin outlived Ed Koch. 

Who will give The Breslin Eulogy at the Requiem Mass?

Ad Aeternum et In Paradisium, Amen!



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