Restored & Just Found Out

Ok so I went to my Doctor on 101st Avenue at 125 Stréet in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Recently I officially retired from City of New York Government Service. I went to my pharmacy in Forest Hills, Queens to fill a Prescription.

Then I received a call from my pharmacy, informing me that there was a Problem with my Emblem Health HIP Insurance Plan regarding prescription medicines. 

I found out that since that since my City of New York Pension had gone into effect, I am now under Emblem Health-GHI. I now resumed that coverage with more choices. I am also waiting for my card, since coverage resumed on March 1st of 2017. So my Medical Options will be greater including Chiropractic & Acupuncture as well as my Advantage Care Doctors. Medical Copay is $15. All I have to do is call DC 37 in Manhattan on Monday.

Acupuncture for $15-Ditto Chiropractic! Nice Choices! 



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