St. Thomas Sunday On East 7th Street Was A Rebuke Of St. Thomas The Apostle

I often find that when I head to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, I get Excellent Homilies, something quite absent from the Missa Novus Ordo. Also, like the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Priest faces East toward Jerusalem in Anticipation of Christ’s Return. The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church) is offered. We Catholics of the Roman(Latin) Rite would be wise to realize that One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church have Brethren with Intensely Beautiful Liturgies which began in The Middle East. 

The earliest Liturgy in The Catholic Church is, of course, The Last Supper, but the 1st Formal Liturgy is The Divine Liturgy of St. James The Apostle, the 1st Bishop of Jerusalem. It is from this Liturgy that the Divine Liturgies of St. Basil The Great(Bishop, Confessor, Martyr, and Doctor of The Church) & St. John Chrysostom, came from. 

St. Thomas The Apostle, in the Low Sunday Liturgy, which is called 1st Sunday After Easter in the Roman Rite Tridentine Latin Mass, 2nd Sunday of Easter in the Roman Rite Missa Novus Ordo, expressed doubts about Christ’s Appearance in the Upper Room, when the other Apostles said that they saw The Risen Lord. Hence, this gave rise to the expression of “The Doubting Thomas.” 

Despite being with Jesus & The Company of The Apostles, Thomas denied the Miraculous, so Christ took Thomas to task for failing to believe the other Apostles. Christ asked Thomas to probe the places where the Nails had pierced Our Lord on The Cross. This was a rebuking moment for Our Lord of Thomas, because Thomas did not have Faith to believe the other Apostles that The Christ had appeared, despite Thomas being present at Our Lord’s Miracles. For Jesus said to Thomas “You Believed because you saw Me; Blessed are those who have NOT seen Me, but Believed.” Thomas said, “My Lord & My God”, which in Latin is “Dominus Meus et Deus Meus.” 

For as Fr. Emilian Dorosh preached in his homily, words to God are NOT ENOUGH. One must believe in God & let ones actions proclaim God’s Glory.

There are Miracles every day in One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. It is when Christ, through the Priest, in offering to God The Father, simple Gifts of Bread & Wine, is the Miracle of Transubstantiation, when that Bread & Wine, become The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ. It is He who one receives at Holy Communion, not mere Bread & Wine. 

Dominus Meus et Deus Meaus, Amen!



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