Heading Thursday To Bushwick-Maspeth Border For Inexpensive Acupuncture To Treat Psoraisis

“What’s Up Tiger Lilly?”

It does sound like a Woody Allen film parody, when an Asian B Movie was dubbed with inane dialogue. Near end of film, an Asian Bad Guy gets shot & the guy utters the words “Ugh, call my Rabbi.” The movie was called “What’s Up, Tiger Lilly.”

But “Tiger Lilly” has, in this case, nothing to do with a Woody Allen Film Parody. Rather it is to do with a Community Acupuncture Clinic near the Brooklyn-Queens Border. The establishment is called Tigerlilly Holistic, south of Metropolitan Avenue, just across the Queens Border in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in what used to be an Industrial Use Building on Jefferson Street. 

I made an appointment for 3:45 PM, booked online. Treatments are priced according to a Sliding Scale, from $30 to $60+a $10 Paperwork Fee for 1st Time Customers. 

I had intended to head to City Acupuncture of New York, the 1st Place where I was treated, but it turns out that GHI cannot be billed for Acupuncture & prices were raised to nearly $50 with no sliding scale. So, I checked online for a Community Acupuncturist & found Tiger Lilly Holistic. From what I have seen online, the Treatment Room is both spacious & pleasant. The room has a number of patients, hence Community Acupuncture.

It’s a two bus run, Q54 MTA Bus to B57 MTA Bus at Metropolitan Avenue at Flushing Avenue, less than an hour away.



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