The Acupuncture Treatment Is Actually Working To Heal What Ails Me

Eight Acupuncture Needles, hair thin, were placed above the the areas of Stomach, Spleen and Liver, on Elbows and Wrists, which stopped the emission of Lymph from the body in an area of Dermatatis. In fact it dried up during the treatment. Also, for the 1st Time in a long time, I was able to move my head and neck without massive discomfort. It is now almost 5AM EDT here in Queens, NYC, so it has been about 12 Hours since the Treatment. Another thing is that Flatulence has not been a problem.

Twenty Four Hours Ago, I would have trouble holding my head up without considerable pain. My shoulders were stiff as well as the neck muscles. I looked & felt awful. As I write this story, I do so in reasonable comfort. 

This is the “Peoples Medicine” in China, yet an expensive Medicine here in the US of A. So in Portland, OR, the Traditional Chinese Way of Treatment was introduced. One pays a much lower fee, in a Sliding Scale between $25 & $50, for being treated in a comfortable space with other people in the room with you. This is called Community Acupuncture. It was at such facility where I was treated. 

Tigerlilly Holistic, located in an old factory near the Northeast Corner of Jefferson Street & Irving Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, was where I was treated, by my Acupuncturist named Stephanie, a Very Pleasant Woman. The Modalities are Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is Herbal. The Herbal Medicines are in conjunction with the Acupuncture. I have a small jar of Eczems Ointment, actually my 1st “Prescription.”

I paid $30 for the treatment, plus $10 For Intake Report & $10.50 for the Eczema Herbal Ointment. It may be the best $50.50 I have ever spent. Next week, it becomes just $30. 

I was able to get about 6 good hours of Sleep. I am able to hold my head up as I write this. My legs are beginning to heal. I wasn’t waking up all night to take a leak once every hour. I wasn’t passing Flatulence at inopportune times. 

Acupuncture works & then some. I cannot wait for next week.

Deo Gratias!



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