Since “21 Jump Street” Premiered On FOX On Sunday, 04/12/1987, 7:00PM EDT

America was “Great Again”, with Ronald Wilson  Reagan, 40th POTUS.

American Police Series called “21 Jump Street” Premiered on New “4th Commercial Television Network”, FOX. Show is shot in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Where was Donald J. Trump then? He was Making a Name for himself as a Builder & Real Estate Developer in New York City, US of A. “21 Jump Street” was 1st Programme to premiere in Prime Time on FOX on Sunday, April 12th, 1987, at 7:00PM, EDT.

NFL was on CBS, NBC & ABC. ABC Carried “Monday Night Football.”

No cell phones or “Smartphones” were seen. There were plenty of Payphones though. 

Barney Martin played a Police Officer in 1st Episode of “21 Jump Street.” In Real Life, Barney Martin, who played Jerry Seinfeld’s Dad in “Seinfeld”, was of Irish Descent, Catholic, from Woodside, Queens NY & a Retired NYPD Detective. He passed away in 2005. 

Johnny Depp became a “Yuge” Star from having been on “21 Jump Street.” “Yuge” is actually how “Huge” is pronounced in Brooklyn & Queens. The Donald 45th POTUS is Native of the Postal Code 114 Prefix, which is in Queens. I’m originally from Northern Brooklyn. Staten Island & The Bronx also utilize this pronunciation. Manhattan is overloaded with Out Of Towners.

The “FOX NFL Sunday” theme came into being in Fall of 1994, as FOX Became a Real Network. David Letterman, as Host of “The Late Show With David Letterman” on CBS, mocked CBS Execs for losing the National Football League TV Package to FOX. Prior to that loss, Letterman goofed on FOX without mercy(How You Know That Your Show Is a Loser; IT’S ON FOX).

Time Warner Cable was NOT in Queens in 1987. Cable TV was mostly in Manhattan at this point. FOX only had “The Late Show With Joan Rivers”, over various FOX Owned & Affiliated stations until April 12th, 1987. 

The last time I saw Holly Robinson on Television was in a Commercial for a Liquer. It has been a long time. Johnny Depp is starring in a movie called “Pirates Of The Caribbean.”

And now I’m watching “21 Jump Street” on Hulu, an Internet Streaming Commercial Television Network, owned jointly in the US of A by Comcast through NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company through ABC & 21st Century FOX through FOX Broadcasting Company with 10% owned by Time Warner through TBS.

Television through the Mobile Smartphone Computer-I can watch my tv anywhere. Who needs Wires? I surely don’t need them. It is so portable.



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