You Tube Is NOT A Place To Upload/Carry K of C Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship

This year of 2017, 16 Knights of Columbus Councils uploaded & webcastted their Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Videos to the Web, with 15 Coverages being uploaded to You Tube. Most of this coverage, not unlike programming during the Stanley Cup Championships, on the CBC News Network at 9:00PM(10:00PM Local Time on CBC Television, 10:30 PM In Newfoundland), is now being ignored. 

You Tube is overloaded with Knights of Columbus Free Throw Videos from both the US of A & Canada. Some videos only have 10 Views or less at their 1st Anniversary. There has been only One Live Streaming of this competition. As the ONLY Producer/Director of the Competition ever to web telecast this live from Elmhurst, Queens, NY, or from Anywhere for that matter, my apologies are to the 3 Viewers in The Republic of Ireland, who viewed the Live Feed, either drinking Starbucks Coffee to stay awake during the Transmission, in order not to snooze, or were sipping pints of Guinness Extra Stout, uttering words like “This is Worse Than Programming on BBC 2 Northern Ireland, or NY Mets Games on WWOR Via Satellite some years ago.”

This year, I took the Liberty of carrying Primary Coverage on a Video Sharing Service called Vid.Me, which is a Grand Alternative to You Tube. I had absolutely No Intention of “Following The Lemmings off A Cliff.” There would be NO YOU TUBE of this event. 

Long Form Coverage, with Mysterious Music, is on Vid.Me. Short Form Coverage with Rock Music is on, based in Austria & Dailymotion in The Chelsea Section of The Borough of Manhattan. This is Dailymotion’s US HQ. Vid.Me is hq’d in East Los Angeles in SoCal. For 48 Hours, coverage was on You Tube, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but utterly ignored. Hence, I pulled down the video coverage from You Tube. Short Form Coverage via has drawn 680 Views. Long Form Coverage on Vid.Me has reached 627 Views. Short Form Coverage was placed on Dailymotion US, where 2011 Coverage remains and still attracts viewers. Coverage #s have reached 46 for 2017. Total Coverage #s are rather, as those who live in the NYC Boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens would say “Yuge”, with a Total of 1, 353 Views. Right now, 1360 views is the latest #, as Vid.Me views increase for the Long Form Coverage.

As for the 15 Councils using You Tube, the total viewing #s in the US of A & Canada are 488. Apparently, You Tube Users must think that piling onto the same network equals viewing #s. 

As we Brooklyn Expatriates will say to the rest of the US of A & Canada, “Unless you’re Justin Bieber or President Donald J. Trump(A Queens Expatriate), Fuggedibowdit, no one cares about you to be bothered watching a 9 Year Old trying to reach a basketball hoop.”

Take it from the Producer/Director of the 2011 Competition, whose work on Dailymotion, was carried via the Web on Radio Tele Luxembourg from Belgium. When directing & shooting a Live Feed on You Tube, no one except maybe 3 People in Ireland even bother watching. 

Besides, Donald J. Trump is way more informative and entertaining on You Tube. And I proudly proclaim that “The Donald Is My President.”

Change Services & then you, my Brother Knights. Will finally have a True Audience.

Fraternally Yours, M/PGK, 1996-1998.


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