Election Night 1995 Replay Minus Mobile

It was like that Tuesday Night in June, of 1995. It was lively in regards to challenges & there was a lack of Digital Service. I had neither a Computer nor a Mobile Phone. There were two rooms downstairs at Msgr Sherman Council & an upstairs room with offices for the Grand Knight and Corporation President.

But now the 2nd Building is a Children’s Party Hall. Msgr Sherman Council is one building again. 

A 1st or Admission Degree was held. I witnessed it. Then it was time for the Elections. In my time, it was a war over Grand Knight & Deputy Grand Knight in 1995. This time it was over Inside Guard positions. 

Like 1995 & 1996, I had no digital devices. But, unlike those two times, It was due to a “Firmware Upgrade”, which never came in a matter of 24 Hours. So, for the 1st time in over 20 Years, I had neither Computer nor Mobile Phone. The current phone is back in operation and serves both as both Phone and Mobile Computer. Nevertheless, it made for memories of the Council in The Past.

Two Men, Frank & Nico, won their positions.

The Meeting ended & Pizza was served. 



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