SMS Internationally

Because of a Value Bundle for US$5 on T-Mobile Subsidiary MetroPCS, I can send short messages from my mobile to anywhere in the world. Two of my favorite destinations are CBC Radio One in Montreal & LBC in London, thus allowing me to join the conversation via Text Message. LBC, a Conversation Radio Station is called “Leading Britain’s Conversation.”

I”m not a newbie to international sms or Short Message Service. It was one fair evening in a Manhattan Irish Pub, when a Fair Irish Lassie needed to text someone across the pond in London. Unfortunately, her mobile carrier called Verizon Wireless(One Half of Dumb & Dumber, according to T-Mobile US CEO, John Legere), was incapable of International SMS. My then carrier called AT&T(The Other Half of Dumb & Dumber), was ready for the Cross Pond SMS. It was a 011+Situation and the text sped its’ way to London. T-Mobile usually charged US$.10, while AT&T charged US$.25 for sending a Text across the pond. 

In the case of LBC, the text code is 84850. For me to text, it is #84850, & all is good to go. In CBC Radio One’s case, it’s 1-Area Code & telephone #, which in Montreal is the 514 area code. USA and Canada is the same texting & calling arrangement. The same arrangement is for all CBC Radio Stations. If I had T-Mobile’s Pay One Price, International SMS would be a snap. 

It is nice to be part of The Conversation.



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