Bicentennial & Sesquicentennial How Viewing Changed In 41 Years

In 1976, CBS News had Humongous Wall To Wall Coverage of America’s Bicentennial, from all across These United States Of America. Walter Cronkite was the Host of this all day affair. Where I was in Brooklyn, there was No Cable TV, nor Smartphones. Coverage was on CBS Owned & Operated WCBS TV Channel 2 in New York. Cronkite’s Perch was the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues in Manhattan. 

Now compare it with Today’s Technology. For Today is Canada Day & I watched coverage of The Sesquicentennial of Canada, better known as Canada 150 on something which was NOT a Television. Rather I watched coverage on a Smartphone, which is both Mobile Computer & Telephone. It is an Internet Device. Because of the Web, You Tube was my mode of watching. Canada’s State Run Broadcaster, CBC, has a You Tube Channel, where coverage was carried. And like in 1976, coverage was live on both CBC News Network & CBC Television. Peter Mansbridge was Host from Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, on Parliament Hill.

Today was Peter’s Final Day on the air, as he retired today. Last Night was his Final Broadcast of CBC News-The National, which I watched live “On The Mobile” from the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, & the English Network is based in Toronto. The CBC French Network is based in Montreal. The Corporation is headquartered in Ottawa. And at 3:59PM, ET, Peter Mansbridge signed off as he has done on “The National” for the past 29 Years, with the words “I’m Peter Mansbridge, Thanks For Watching for all these years.” 

Prince Charles inspected The Honour Guard & spoke to the “Yuge” Crowd in both English & French. Many Musical Acts were featured. Bono sang. Bono is Irish & part of the Irish Band “U2.”

Canadian Music Acts included Barenaked Ladies, which until this evening I had no idea was a Canadian Band. Their Classic 1st Hit is the Iconic “If I Had a Million Dollars”, which I heard on New York State Lottery Commercials on Television. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whooped up the crowd. He should have been in the Entertainment Business. He should have appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” and told that “You’re Fired” by the man now President of The United States, Donald J. Trump.

Mr Trump did a Tweet on Canada Day, wishing the Country Best Wishes on 150 Years & our two nations longstanding friendship. 

On CBC Radio One Montreal, I heard Host Rick Mercer, Host of “The Rick Mercer Report” on CBC Television. I also heard the Iconic song “If I Had a Million Dollars” in concert. 

Paul Hunter, CBC News Washington Correspondent, was in Ottawa. He spoke on how working & living in Washington, DC, gave him a different perspective & how good it was to be Home. Americans Fly The Stars & Stripes with Enthusiasm, while Canadians are less demonstrative, in fact quieter. He said his final farewell to Peter Mansbridge. 

“Thanks For Watching For All These Years!”

M, Eh!


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