CBC News “The National” Copycats?

  1. Canada’s SOB(State Owned Broadcaster) called CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or as Mark J. Steyn likes to refer to it as the Canadian Broadcorping Castration), well they have. a “New”news format. Where have I seen this before?
  2. CBC News Flagship News Programme called “The National”, which was hosted by Peter Mansbridge for almost 30 Years, is live at 9:00PM ET on the CBC News Network on cable & satellite as well as the Digital Platform. Then at 10:00PM Local Time on CBC Television or 10:30PM in Newfoundland, The National is rebroadcast. Just think there is a cable channel called CBCNN & like a certain cable/satellite/digital service which is headquartered at West 59th Street & Columbus Circle on the Island of The Deep State Peoples Soviet Republic of Libtardia, also known as the NYC Borough of Manhattan, well CBCNN, like CNN, a Time Warner Subsidiary, SUCKS.
  3. “The National” will be originating in Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver, with master control in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre on Front Street in Toronto.
  4. Someone must know their “ABCs.” Why do I know this? I know that Canadians have a habit of tuning into US Originated Newscasts. No doubt that Canadians have seen “ABC World News Tonight.”  ABC News came up with a Three City Anchored Newscast, with Anchors in Washington, Chicago & Los Angeles, with Master Control at ABC News NY at 7 West 66th Strret by Broadway in Manhattan’s Republic of Libtardia, known as the UWS(Upper West Side). Peter Jennings, a Canadian, who a younger Peter Mansbridge bore a striking resemblance to, anchored in Washington. Max Robinson, who came from Virginia, anchored from Chicago. I don’t remember the Los Angeles Anchor. What I do know is that ABC News New York was Mastor Control. It was a Spectacular Flop.
  5. Oh, Please, this too will not last too long if ABC News was any indication. Besides, CTV & Global & on the Digital Platform, FOX Mews are alternatives in the MSM & The Rebel is truly tuned to Canada.
  6. What is CBC News but a relay for CNN. 

M, Eh!


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