Ahh, It’s Summer! The Music Is AWFUL, ESPECIALLY At Holy Communion On The Feast of The Assumption

I recall about 4 Years Ago at this time at the 8:00AM Mass on The Feast of The Immaculate Conception, that Marian Hymns were sung, accompanied by Pipe Organ. It was Magnificent, to say the least. My Most Dear Friend, she of Incomparable Intelligence & Catholic Faith, witnessed the Beauty of The Mass & went, like me, to receive Holy Communion(Corpus Et Sanguinis Christi). 


For My Most Dear Friend, Holy Communion Reception is NOT a Problem. Rather, what she utterly DESPISES is ANY MUSIC. Composed by Dan Schutte The Former St. Louis Jesuit, The St. Louis Jesuits, Marty Haugen who is on his Umpteenth Protestant Denomination & Richard Kreutz. In the case of Richard Kreutz, he composed a hymn of Dubious Catholic Eucharistic Theology which My Most Dear Friend so Utterly Despises. To her, Music like this, causes queues at various Vomiteria to be rather extensive. On The Feast of The Ascension Of Our Lord, the Old & Magnificent “O Sacrament Most Holy” is sung Con Gusto Mucho, because the Fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ is both Divine & Human & that we are Most Grateful to be receiving Him in The Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar.

Sadly for Sancta Maria Mater Dei, the Eucharistic Hymn of Dubious Eucharistic Theology is “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, which can be sung by Protestants, who neither have a Sacrificing Priesthood, nor a Belief that the Sacrificed Bread and Wine became the Body & Blood, Sould & Divinity of Christ. They believe, except in the Anglo Catholic Party of Anglicanism, that the Bread & Wine contain the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ, only until the end of their liturgy. Hence, this is called Consubstantiation. We, who are Catholics, both Roman Rite & Eastern Rites such as the Byzantine, Et Cetera, as well as Eastern Orthodox Churches Not in Union with The Holy See, believe in a Total Change of Substance called Transubstantiation, where the Bread & Wine become The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ, under The Appearance of Bread & Wine. 

“Gift Of Finest Wheat”, written in The United States of America’s Bicentennial Year of 1976, was composed by Richard Kreutz for the International Eucharistic Congress, held in Philadelphia, PA in August of 1976, in the 2nd Decade of “The New Ecumenism”, where Music as well as The Mass called Novus Ordo in The New Roman Rite, don’t appear overtly Catholic, where Liturgical Music has characteristics of a miserable musical form called “Folk or Hootenany”, hoisted on The Roman Rite by one Benedictine Archabbot named Rembert Weakland(Born George Weakland in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), later Archbishop of Milwaukee, WI, and who came out of the Proverbial Closet in his memoirs, costing the RC Archdiocese of Milwaukee over US$400K, using it to pay off a Seminarian/Blackmailer, as well as remaking the Archdiocesan Cathedral’s Sanctuary into a Modernistic Monstrosity, giving “Gloria In Excelcis Hominibus”, instead of “Gloria In Excelsis Deo.”

The Refrain of “Gift Of Finest Wheat” is “You Satisfy The Hungry Heart, With Gift Of Finest Wheat, Come Give To Us, O Saving Lord, The Bread of Life To Eat.” 

The Catholic Theology in this hymn is missing. Protestants could feel at home in the mainline denominations with this hymn. It is, with the near absence of the Tridentine Latin Mass, at the time that caused many Tradition Minded Catholics to head over to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite In Union with The Holy See, where Music like this would be called “Heretical & Schismatic”, especially by one Ukrainian Catholic woman who I met in Manhattan’s East Village. Those who have converted to “The One True Church” from Protestant Bodies, find Treacly “Catholic” Songs like “Gift Of Finest Wheat” to be insulting. 

Enough with “The Bread Songs!” It is time to do away with Sacrosanctum Concillium, where Fr Bugnini came up with Reformation of the Mass to make Heretics comfortable. Horrible Liturgical Music is a Multibillion $ Industry. The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is NOT a “Memorial Meal”, but the Unbloodied Re-presentation of Our Lord’s Suffering on The Cross at Calvary. 

The Liturgy must present this. And so must The Music. 



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