When I Saw My 1st Eclipse

It was in 1964. Bob Keeshan(Captain Kangaroo At The Time) and a CBC Host(No, Not Peter Mansbridge), carried Coverage of a Solar Eclipse on Both CBS & CBC. 

Bob Keeshan was anchoring from the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in Manhattan, while CBC’s Reporter was in Toronto. 

It was a Black & White CBS-CBC Joint Production. It was fascinaring, eh.

The Prior Time that there was that kind of Network Feed like that was when CBC, who carried CBS Programming in the Afternoon(Soap Operas from New York), joined the CBS Network’s Television Feed, complete with Walter Cronkite & Company.

But, this was the Era of Three Commercial Broadcast Networks. There was nothing resembling Alternative Media. In Canada, it was Two English Language Television Networks. There was only One French Network in Canada, which was CBC Owned.

It was a different broadcasting era in Canada, Pre Trudeau The Elder.It was during The Era of Trudeau The Elder that CBC began to resemble PBS, only with Commercials.

And via Social Media, I viewed The Latest Eclipse on CBC News, in the Era of Trudeau The Younger. I also viewed NBC News & PBS, and on Right Side Broadcasting

Now Eclipsing is occuring here in Queens NY as it is getting darker by my window, almost as if Dark Clouds overhead. I think it is ending. 

And that’s it from New York.



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