“My Lord’s Broken Body Was On The Floor”

The Catholic Church has always taught that once the bread & wine is consecrated by The Priest or Bishop, the bread & wine become The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ, under the appearance of bread & wine. This is also Divine Teaching. St. Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor & Doctor of The Church, taught that ONLY Consecrated Hands, particularly the fingers which have been chrismed with Holy Oil(Priest & Bishop(), should be the Only Ones who should handle the Sacred, Consecrated Host & the Sacred Chalice. St. Basil The Great(Bishop, Confessor, Martyr & Doctor of The Church, who was also the Teacher of St. John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor of The Church), taught that unless there are no Priests available, due to War, as St. Basil was fighting the Arian Heretics, the Holy Eucharist must only be handled by Consecrated Hands.

Sadly, in The Era of Novus Ordo, where Laity are now distributing Holy Communion, the Indult which permits Sancte Communion A Mano for Laity(Holy Communion In The Hand), often has Casulties such as particles of Holy Communion on The Floor in The Pew or in the Pew itself, which is Sacrilegious. 

It was after I had received Holy Communion, which I receive in my mouth or on my tongue, having returned to my pew when I noticed something unusual on the floor. I wondered if this was  paint on the floor. Then it hit me that this was a broken consecrated host. I then pulled out a clean tissue & covered the Consecrated Host Piece.

After Mass, I signalled the Acolyte thar a broken Host was seen in a pew and the Host was covered with tissue paper. He removed it to the Sacristy & placed in a Special Sink, which sends Consecrated Species into the ground and not into the Sewer System. 

This Practice of The Sacred Host in The Hand, came into being, in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany & France, near the End of Vatican II, as a protest against The Church’s Refusal to change the Perrenial Teaching on Artificial Birth Control. 

Now, Sacrilege is occurring daily, because of this Practice, born of Defiance.



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